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Effective Communicators Club by MYRec-Ed

MYRecED brings you their first ever - Effective Communicators Club! A collaborative speech club where participants develop public speaking skills and learn to articulate ideas for a successful professional, academic and community life.  Our aim is to upskill the community in presenting and communicating their ideas effectively and take leadership roles in all walks of life with confidence. Whether it is at school to give effective presentations, or at work to conduct meetings or lead community initiatives, we will help you develop the skills to be successful!

The club will meet once a week in interactive sessions filled by participants performing different speaking roles. Each meeting will be led by a meeting chairperson and all speeches will be timed so that everyone gets a fair chance of participation. For each presentation or speech made, there will be an evaluation offered primarily on the delivery and less focusing on the content. Giving and receiving feedback will be an important part of learning in the club.

Come join us for our FREE trial session on Wed Sept 27th and see how this program can benefit your life and career!

Dates: Wednesdays Sept 27th to Dec 20th
Times: 8:00pm to 9:00pm
Location: Milton Sports Centre Meeting Room #2 (next to Rink B)
Cost: $60 before Sept 27th or $75 on and after Sept 27th
Available Spots: Only 25




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