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Many years ago, there was a small centre in Mississauga that offered a place for youth to gather and spend time doing things which they were interested in. It wasn’t a fancy set up – but it achieved its purpose of keeping the youth engaged in activities that were beneficial. This centre became the start of many friendships which lasted over the years, and today – we are a product of that very place.

Having grown up in Canada, and now being young parents, we recognize the challenges youth face in a community which they call their own – but don’t entirely fit in to. Growing up is difficult for everyone, and finding your own identity is a challenge. But if you surround yourself with strong, like minded people, your chances of survival are very high.

We understand the importance of empowering our youth, and our aim is to create an environment for them, where they will learn to flourish as individuals, and as members of our community. Our programs highlight the importance of life skills, because we want to enable our children to cope with today’s fast paced world while holding true to their values and upbringings.

Our goal is to create programs where our youth will have fun, build lasting friendships, and learn self confidence, leadership and moral values, all packaged in activities which they enjoy.

Our team of parents and professionals work hand-in hand, ensuring that our programs are high quality, well planned and well thought out. With a comprehensive approach, we build learning around fun, and activities around purpose.

Our long term goal is to offer the Community of Milton, a similar centre, where the youth can gather and feel a sense of belonging. But in the mean time, in our journey to achieve our goals, we have created a number of programs that fulfill our promise. We hope that you’ll join hands with us, whether you are a young parent, a member of faith, or anyone – because an endeavor to empower the youth of any community, is an endeavor to make that community stronger.


We believe that sports and engaging activities help youth remain positive and focused while they learn a number of valuable lessons such as leadership, teamwork, respect and brotherhood.


1. Strengthen our bodies through physical activities

2. Strengthen our faith through creative education

3. Establish a center for families and youth to network.

4. Unite the Milton community